Fishing Report

7/21- Makeup charter- WAHOOOOOOOO!

July 21, 2013
After having to cancel a trip due to weather on Saturday, Captain Jon was itching to get out there and get a hook in something! Thankfully, with the help of our great marina, we were able to throw a last minute make-up charter together consisting of Ron Letini, Josh Pedicone, Rick Montana, Daniel Gergenbach, Tim Gordon, and our friend Anthony (who was supposed to fish with us Saturday- thanks for sticking around!) The tuna did not cooperate for the crew, but another species did- WAHOO!!! After getting bit off 4-5 times, the crew was able to snag not one, but two, monster wahoo. One weighing in at 62 pounds, and the second still a respectable 46 pounder! We had one other mystery bite that peeled line off our reel down to the braid backing, however as we were cranking her in, another boat crossed our line... grrrr...
Thank you all for joining us- including a special thanks for Tim and Daniel, who travelled from Solon Springs, Wisconsin just to fish in Ocean City! Hope to see you all again soon!